Episode Archive

  • Dreamscapes Episode 1: I Believe I Can Fly
    Re-upload of my first-ever interview and analysis with my generous and patient guest, Lightbringeer. I did as much audio tweaking as I possibly could (with my limited ability) and tried to make it easier to hear everything being said. Crossing my fingers!
  • Dreamscapes Episode 2: Dancing with Dante
    Today I chatted with Dante from the Philipines while Portland, OR burned in the background. Gotta love that vocal fry from all the smoke. Hopefully the audio comes through much clearer this time. Still working on it, lol.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 3: Kaiju at the Center of the Earth
    This is one of the most detailed and deeply symbolic dreams I have had the privilege of analyzing over the years. Big thanks to Kaiju for being willing to share this amazing imagery and narrative with my audience! ~ Be sure to check the comments for my Debrief on the process and interpretation. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 4: Tavor’s Tavern in the Wild West
    Today we are very fortunate to have a glimpse behind the veil into an intense scene of personal pathfinding. Content Warning for those who may be sensitive to highly descriptive imagery involving “body horror” and insects. Those who would brave with us the deep and disturbing Dark of Night, sally forth! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 5: Shell-shocked
    Today we are fortunate to share in a dream of exceedingly vivid detail, taking us from the war-torn streets of a post-apocalyptic battleground to a golden sanctuary of esoteric secrets, and back again! Big thanks to shaggE for coming on the show and bringing us along on this fantastic journey! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 6: Blood Relations
    Tonight’s dream begins in a creepy playground, isolated by a vast darkness, and pulls us down under the surface of a lake to discover what lies beyond. Big thanks to MunchableDelights for taking us along with her on this journey! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 7: Judge, Jury and Executioner
    Tonight’s dream begins in the chamber of a high castle. Outside, on the balcony, two men await the fulfilment of their verdict, but Nancy is no damsel in distress, and takes flight to escape a terrible fate. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode Ate: The Prince Who Stole My Dream
    In a world (“GET TO DA CHOPPA!”) where one man fails to pay attention (*Michael Bay explosions*) while his cat walks over the keyboard (“COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!”) and kills his recording (“GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!”)… coming this Fall (*car chase over driving techno*) from the director of Augury, Bibliomancy and Chaos, and the sound technician responsible for butchering Dreamscapes Episode 1 (*tense dramatic crescendo to sudden silence*)… This is my very first, and hopefully LAST, Lost Episode. Enjoy! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 9: Dragonslayer
    Tonight’s dream features the daring and determined Dutchess in a desperate dust-up, fearful and faltering but fighting fiercely to subdue a sinister stalking serpent of significant size! Will she win and what will she learn? Tune in to find out… Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin (P.S. – Solved yet another audio problem only AFTER realizing my voice records exclusively to the LEFT stereo track. Next video will be better with properly balanced output, lol.)
  • Dreamscapes Episode 10: Verschieden Weltanschauung
    On a lonely island at the center of a lake, a magician challenges the danger of a mysterious fog to acquire uncommon perception, but the powerful tyrant of an alternate world has plans of his own. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 11: King of the Hill
    This one is an extremely personal and meaningful interview for our Dreamer. I struggled with whether or not to upload this interpretation session at all, and meditated on my ethical obligation under the onus of my profession. The deciding factor was Adam himself, being not only determined that he wanted this discussion posted, but confident that our talk would offer insight and comfort to others dealing with similar, complicated family dynamics. I salute you, Adam the Brave, Roller of Logs, Architect of Healthy Boundaries, and King of the Hill! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 12: Soul-searching
    The marine presses forward on his mission with determination and practiced skill. No mere haphazard or fleeting investigation will suffice. This one calls for a careful and methodical recon, all elements categorized and scrutinized for relevance. Can he fully grasp the meaning of the moving pieces and break through the blockade? Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 13: Professor Educandi te Ipsum
    On a mission to connect with an elusive and capricious lawbreaker, and under the watchful eye of a clandestine bureau, Bernard searches the landscape, from a literal desert to a deserted city, and finally to a bustling town on a foreign shore just in time to witness signs of an imminent invasion that threatens the peaceful routine of it’s hapless residents. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 14: Tender Resignation
    The lanes are wide open and clear of traffic, but the destination is nowhere in sight. Turning back, retracing her steps, and confronting the past, may be the only way forward. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 15: Amaranthine Odyssey
    Armageddon. Ragnarok. Judgement Day. It’s the End of The World as she knows it, and Jen feels fine. Or is it? Rather, it is AND it isn’t. After all, every Exit is an Entrance to Somewhere Else. What lies beyond The Apocalypse? That all depends on what you mean by “Beyond”. This way to the Grand Egress! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 16: Faith in Fidelity
    Sophie awakens in bed, enveloped by a malevolent presence. She reaches for her cross and Bible to ward off the oppressive sense of impending doom but finds no relief in these spiritual icons, and must struggle against a mysterious force to make her escape. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 17: DON’T PANIC
    Jose is moving in to a new, classy apartment with his fiancé when a neighbor knocks to deliver a “welcome” pie and an invitation to dinner. She seems nice and genuinely friendly, but should he partake in the feast? Is he finally prepared to walk the path that comes next and acknowledge what her offer really means? Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 18: Compatibility
    “Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.” ~ Dalai Lama XIV “He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies…” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra “Thanks for listening!” ~ Benjamin the Dream Wizard
  • Dreamscapes Episode 19: Going Nowhere
    This one is a bit of a professional and technological malfunction. I don’t know if the connection issues threw me off my game or whether this dream was simply too difficult for my approach. Either way I had fun talking to John and trying my best to make sense of some very interesting dream imagery. If you can tolerate the audio troubles, I hope you enjoy watching me fail =) Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 20: Hayırlı Olsun
    An imposing pinnacle rises from the grassy plain, adorned by a temple near the peak. But where is the path, and what is that creature glimpsed at the base of the mountain? Will open arms be met with the embrace of understanding and love? Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 21: Seeds of Change
    The future is fertile ground; the past, ripe for harvest. Can you see the arc of your journey in the cultivated furrows? Will you grow and make hay while the sun shines, or whither of blight and blame it on the rain? We can only reap what we have sown. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 22: Search and Rescue
    Everyone is looking for something. What that may be is unique to each of us, and it isn’t always what we really need. Essential to this quest is whether or not we are looking in the right places, and knowing what to do when we discover something unexpected, but even more important than the Holy Grail we set out to chase. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 23: Take Heart
    Tonight we are fortunate to receive a return visit from a past dreamer. Tavor comes back to share with us the disturbing details of what is ultimately a very positive dream about his aspiration to a worthy commitment. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 24: Can You Hear Me?
    People talk… but do they listen? To most anonymous strangers, our personal tragedies are nothing more than fodder for juicy gossip. Not many people will actually do something to help when the need arises, and those precious few are what we call Family. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 25: Tsunami
    A powerful and devastating force of nature, the tsunami is an icon of inexorable doom. At times, the external duress visited upon us by the demands of living in relationship with the ones we love can also feel like a towering and inescapable fate, threatening to wash away individuality. When the wave crashes, will you sink or swim? Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 26: Mind, Body and Soul
    With any luck, we are not the same person today that we were yesterday or many years ago. Then again, sometimes we are both someone new and that same former person, or many different people, all at the same time. Only in our dreams may we meet those erstwhile personas face to face, and most importantly, learn why they exist, in their own words. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 27: Butterfly Effect
    If you had a second chance to make different decisions, if you could turn back time and undo your mistakes or erase the traumatic events that afflicted and shaped you, would you still be the same person you are today? Would you be a better version of yourself, or would you end up being an entirely different person? Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 28: Self Determined
    Coming home again may be a dream come true, or a horrifying nightmare. Perhaps we can’t choose our family, but we always have the power to break free from our own troubled past, and decide who we ultimately become. Even the Ties that Bind cannot withstand a razor-sharp will to win true emancipation. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 29: Driving Ambition
    Being human grants dreadful self-awareness that we strut and fret our finite hour upon the stage, but also that we have the author’s power to write the script and take on the roles of our choosing, informed by watching the countless variety of mortal dramas enacted by those around us. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” – William Shakespeare, Bard of Avon Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 30: Diana in Venari
    The Goddess of the Hunt, Guardian of Boundaries, and Protector of Nature, stands tall within the ancient memory of mankind as a deep and abiding reverence for not only environmental conservation, but vital self-preservation. When the Huntress becomes the Hunted, she must run to ground her own troubling past in pursuit of a better future. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 31: Deadbolt
    Trauma does not merely wound, it scars. Abuse inflicted in a betrayal of trust, cuts the deepest. In the darkest night, a fresh scab may crack and bleed dreadful thoughts, forcing us to face our fear that escape is impossible, and that no lock is strong enough to hold back the monster. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 32: Serena’s Dream Diary
    The Journey of a Thousand Miles may begin with a Single Step, but every Intrepid Explorer will need more than mere Bravery and Determination to blaze the Path Less-travelled. Though a New Day dawns upon reaching the Far Horizon, we must also be prepared to tread lightly and proceed with caution, for the Night is Dark and full of Terrors. Big thanks to Serena, fellow content creator, for taking us along with her on this journey into her dreams. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 33: Peter and Paul
    No matter what you believe, or what path you choose to walk, may this New Year find you swift, strong and surefooted, making great strides in all you undertake to achieve! Big thanks to PaulyFrog64 for sharing this powerful and meaningful dream with us. You may find his channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFghhjgIHzC9auNMpZjrOIg
  • Dreamscapes Episode 34: Paradigm Shift
    From the Heliocentric Revolution of Copernicus to the Awakening of Neo in The Matrix, everyone knows the experience of having their Third Eye suddenly opened to a new way of seeing the world, but not everyone knows this phenomenon has a name. On a personal level, it is often a shocking jolt that leaves us speechless and confused, changing the fundamental underlying assumptions by which we understand who we are or what is happening around us, and allows for new choices never before considered. Sergio Halabi had this experience in a dream, and his awakening revealed the path that brought him here to share this dream with us. https://www.instagram.com/paradigm.shift.experience/ Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 35: Game Changer
    Since before the times of Homer’s Iliad, or even the Epic of Gilgamesh, all manner of media have served as source material for dream imagery, from storytelling around stone-age campfires to modern film and video games. We are all upon the Hero’s Journey in this Game called Life, and visions representing this waking struggle may come to us as mythic Quests in our dream-worlds, where we find ourselves braving Dark Forests and slaying Monsters, determined to confront unknown dangers. Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 36: Change of Pace
    Sometimes we may only see the best path forward by looking back upon where we have already been using the mirror of self-reflection. Though many will close their eyes against the light of this truth and simply run away, a brave few will have the courage to stand so exposed and therein find inspiration to sprint towards their chosen future. Caution: OBJECTS ARE LARGER THAN THEY APPEAR… and such images more important than we may ever know. Thanks for Listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 37: Life and Death Struggle
    Depression is a Liar. It is the worst kind of Con Artist, seeking to steal our Life itself by trickery. To effect this fraud, it insists we believe our suffering is so intense and infinite that we are helpless to resist. In truth, it shills this sham to demoralize us because it is impotent, all Shadow without substance, and it cannot withstand any real determination to find the Light of Hope in the darkness. Thanks for Listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 38: Esprit de Corps
    “People you love never die… not completely. They live in your mind, the way they always lived inside you. You keep their light alive.” ~ Matt Haig Thanks for Listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 39: Use Your Noodle
    Few life experiences generate more frustration than being cheated out of a win well-deserved by right of superior skill and diligent effort; to have powers beyond our control put their callous or cruel thumb on the scale and deliver bitter defeat at the threshold of sweet victory. ~ Leah and Sandy’s episode for this dream at Anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/leah-hartgens/episodes/Your-Noodles-Cant-Stop-Me-eq54c3 Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin
  • Dreamscapes Episode 40: Dreamonicle
    At first Sight, only a Glimpse of an obscure Image. Upon a second Look, Gazing through the Lens of intent with Eyes wide open, our Field of View expands to new Perception, the Frame now visible in Perspective, and The Big Picture comes into Focus. https://dreamonicle.com/ https://warzonestudio.com/ https://www.instagram.com/dreamonicle/
  • Dreamscapes Episode 41: Local Optima
    The human brain is an amazing, self-programming, biological machine, constantly problem-solving, even in sleep; developing functional Routines to sort Objects by Class, applying these Methods to known Parameters, and parsing Global Optima to write new Arguments for undefined Variables. As social animals, we can even Crowd-Source novel Algorithmic builds unimaginable in isolation.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 42: Vix Rigida
    Fight or Flight… or FREEZE. Too many of us forget that this third response often occurs when confronted by overwhelming threats, the experience so traumatic that we can do nothing but succumb to a physiological paralysis of inaction, literally Scared Stiff.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 43: Ebauche Pentimento
    We are all works in progress, many elements of ourselves composed of layers upon what was once only a rough sketch on a blank canvas. Over the years we may alter the subject, fix proportions or change positions, but the traces of that original sketch always remain, and we are never again entirely new.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 44: True Blue Yarn
    Achieving success often depends on accurate predictions, not only about what will likely happen, but whether we will be satisfied with the results. Firm resolve to walk a given path may call the dreaming mind to ponder past instances of similar choices in warning of potential consequences.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 45: Headstrong Heartache
    The Hero’s Journey very often begins with one pressing and unavoidable question: do you stay at home and don a Mantle of Responsibility within a familiar culture and territory, or do you set forth into the unknown to become a Stranger in a Strange Land? Must we leave behind Old Ways in search of New Beginnings?
  • Dreamscapes Episode 46: Flood of Emotions
    Water is an icon of deep meaning across many dimensions of Human Experience. Calm at rest, then Flowing with gravity and Crashing dynamically. Water finds ideal Balance, and becomes the Shape of the Cup, infinitely Adaptable. Water is Life, yet may also threaten Death when we are in over our head…
  • Dreamscapes Episode 47: The Skeptic Metaphysician
    This week’s dream comes to us courtesy of Will at The Skeptic Metaphysician podcast and his lovely wife/co-host, Karen. Join us as we attempt to solve the mystery of this reoccurring dream and the cause for such a specific repeating formula. Be sure to visit Will’s podcast for my interview on WED the 19th! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1713040/8531232 https://www.facebook.com/SkepticMetaphysician
  • Dreamscapes Episode 48: Nkwe Kgogo
    Humankind suffers few Fears more inhibiting than the possibility we will fail to achieve our own Potential. This aversion is so strong that many prefer to dwell in bland mediocrity rather than risk the crushing emotional pain of defeat. When such terror grips our heart, the Spirit of Leopard may offer Guidance, inspiring the courage needed to stalk and capture our own unique majesty.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 49: Chimeric Catastrophe
    Our ability to envision the Future is often a Blessing, but becomes a Curse when we succumb to Avoidance at the prospect of being overwhelmed. Though purely Imaginary in origin, a real Panic may transform a manageable Problem into the Disaster we feared.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 50: Arachne of Venus
    Very often do life circumstances force us into “Survival Mode” where we must prioritize the physical needs of safety, sustenance and shelter. Over time, such essentials secured, the erstwhile privation of emotional desiderata come to the fore and demand our attention.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 51: Liturgia non Refrenarae
    Those among us not inspired to conformity by the Liturgy of Cultural Ritual alone, and thus March to the Beat of their Own Drum, often feel the greatest obligation to carefully consider the Steps of their Dance through Life.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 52: Fool’s Paradise
    Relationships are not easy, and require reasonable Compromise. Yet, we must also beware the temptation to surrender our Identity and abandon Healthy Boundaries in pursuit of living out a Fantasy Romance that is not reflected in our experience of Reality.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 53: The Reluctant Historian
    This week’s Dream adventure is brought to us by Liz Lawson of “The Reluctant Historian” podcast. Follow her Journey through the mysterious depths of South Korean subway tunnels as Liz navigates the Labyrinth to find a path forward in the present day with help from the Icons of past companions. https://www.instagram.com/thereluctanthistorian/
  • Dreamscapes Episode 54: In Loving Memory
    Tales of the Dearly Departed appearing in our Sleep are abundant in Historical Dream Literature. Psychologically, few Dream experiences may have more impact, or be more important for processing Grief and Moving On.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 55: Struck Speechless
    Self-awareness is a truly Scientific endeavor. Though we cannot help but achieve it through the filter of our Beliefs, every new Life Experience presents an Opportunity for deeper and more meaningful Understanding.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 56: Social Butterflies
    Setting Healthy Boundaries is never easy, especially when Family and Friends have expectations for behavior that clashes with your Natural Temperament and Social Comfort Zone. How do we communicate this message when conversations are the stressor that needs a boundary?