Dreamscapes Episode 9: Dragonslayer

Tonight's dream features the daring and determined Dutchess in a desperate dust-up, fearful and faltering but fighting fiercely to subdue a sinister stalking serpent of significant size! Will she win and what will she learn? Tune in to find out... Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin (P.S. - Solved yet another audio problem only AFTER realizing my voice records exclusively to the LEFT stereo track. Next video will be better with properly balanced output, lol.)

Dreamscapes Episode Ate: The Prince Who Stole My Dream

In a world ("GET TO DA CHOPPA!") where one man fails to pay attention (*Michael Bay explosions*) while his cat walks over the keyboard ("COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!") and kills his recording ("GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!")... coming this Fall (*car chase over driving techno*) from the director of Augury, Bibliomancy and Chaos, and the sound technician responsible for butchering Dreamscapes Episode 1 (*tense dramatic crescendo to sudden silence*)... This is my very first, and hopefully LAST, Lost Episode. Enjoy! Thanks for listening! ~ Benjamin